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Welcome to Rights of Mother Earth

November 2016

Our main goal is to collect 1,000,000 signatures from people around the world, asking the UN to adopt the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, just like we have the Human Rights Declaration. The declaration shall serve as an aspiring document, for the next steps of each Nation to include Nature in the national legal systems as a rights bearing entity. We have already handed over the first part of the signatures to the UN Secretary General Bank-Ki Moon at the Earth Summit Rio+20, and when we reach the 1 million, we will hand them over to the UN again.

Each month we are drawing ever closer to the 1 millionth signature, thanks to our dedicated volunteers who help spread the message of our campaign and you, the vital citizens of Mother Earth, who care enough to want to help maintain the integrity of our planet.

Thank you for being the Voice for Mother Earth, asking for her rights.
Please check out the News section for some great articles and, in particular, the latest item featuring the UN General Assembly Resolution - a  virtual dialogue on Harmony with Nature.

A news update on Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature from around the globe. This bulletin list from Joseph Lambert, Legal Support and Research Officer at The Gaia Foundation, is also provided with links to the full article source pages.

And, on our videos section, we have added Patricia Siemen at TEDxJacksonville appealling to our innate sense of justice in her proposal of basic rights for all Earth's systems and creatures.

Rights of Nature is making real progress.

Video link Te Urewera national park has been granted legal personhood, meaning nobody owns it. The park has the same rights and powers as a citizen. The ruling could set a new precedent for land rights and conservation around the world.