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In the English language we have an expression 'There is more than one way to skin a cat'. It simply means that there is more than one way to achieve an aim. The problems we face, however, are not merely identifying which way or ways are the most timely and effective in achieving our aims but also in identifying and agreeing on what those aims actually are.

What am I talking about? Well that part at least is easy, saving the planet.

There is little doubt among humankind (with the exception, perhaps, of those who rally behind the likes of ‘Infowars’) that this earth, and with it, us, are on a very slippery slope towards depletion. By depletion of course, I mean extinction. Except that you can be reassured,  that Mother Earth herself is not about to let the irritating, itch of humanity do her any lasting harm. Our own continued existence, however, is much less assured.

Mother Earth has lasted, so far, for 4.543 billion years. She’s had to face a storm or two during that time but here she is today, still vibrant and nurturing. Humans, in our modern form at least, have existed for a mere 200,000 years. We have managed during this time to pollute, degrade, deform, damage, exterminate, destroy, ruin and generally devalue much of our planet’s resources. Without those resources we will cease to exist. Planet earth, however, will not.

So, my fellow humans, whilst we must radically and permanently alter the way we engage and interact with our environment, which is after all our only home, we must understand that when we talk of The Rights of Mother Earth and seek to gain legal protection and representation for voiceless elements we are not primarily concerned with saving the planet. We are primarily concerned with saving the human race.


If any human should for one moment think that by giving a river legal rights it is benefitting only the river then they are missing the point. Rights of Mother Earth is not just trying to establish some form of protection for the forests, rivers, lakes, mountains and other earth elements with the integrity and strength of legal representation, it is trying to establish a culture shift towards universal re-evaluation of the planet as a whole. Let me put it this way: If someone you loved was being bullied and you witnessed that bullying taking place, you would do something about it. The chances are, whatever you needed to do to stop that bullying, you would do it. So, if you love this planet, the oceans, the mountains, the open spaces, beautiful beaches, crystal clear fresh water, forest, woodland, the fjords, the valleys, lakes, rivers, if you love all this and everything else this earth has to offer, why are you standing around and doing nothing to protect it? Nothing to stop the bullies from destroying it?

So, here we are today. I'm writing this in the year 2018 and the month is August. ‘So what?‘ you might ask.

Well, consider this: On August 1st the world had already spent its entire natural resource budget for the year. That means that the world's citizens used up all the planet's resources for this year in just seven months!

To calculate Earth's natural resource budget, Global Footprint Network considers the demand for natural resources — which includes food, forests, and marine products — as well as humans' effects on the environment from factors such as carbon emissions. This combined total is designed to give a comprehensive picture of humanity's global footprint.

Earth Overshoot Day, the point in a year at which we use up a year's worth of resources, has been steadily moving forward in time since GFN first started tracking it. In 1970, we "overshot" Earth's resource budget by only 2 days — Overshoot Day fell on December 29. That date has been pushed up by almost five months since then.

We need to act now, we need to stop making excuses now, we need to stop denying now. We need Rights of Mother Earth to reach the target of One Million

Please sign our petition and help to disarm the bullies.


In support of the UN in Harmony with Nature programme and the Sustainable Development Goals

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