A new home for the Global signature campaign for Rights of Mother Earth in Switzerland

Doris Ragettli

One of the lovely things that happened at the Rights of Nature conference in Sigtuna, Sweden on the 10th and 11th May is that I reconnected with Marco Steiger who was there too from Switzerland.

Not long after the conference, on 5th June, Marco and I met again. This time we were at the wonderful Eco-Community, Wirkstatt in Brunnadern to join our hearts for the global signature campaign for Rights of Mother Earth.


Wirkstatt is now the home base for the signature campaign, where Marco Steiger and Sabina Gränicher will be our main partners.


It has been a long time wish of mine to give the campaign a home or perhaps a grounding in a community which is living the shift already. It could not be a more beautiful place with more beautiful people than at Wirkstatt. Thank you Marco and Sabina and I look forward with great excitement and anticipation to our collaboration.

Please visit their site here: http://www.wirkstatt-auboden.ch

© Doris Ragettli

Sabina Gränicher and Marco Steiger of Wirkstatt


In support of the UN in Harmony with Nature programme and the Sustainable Development Goals

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