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THE 'CHAIR' IS MISSING A LEG: Young people’s call for Rights of Nature

Global Geneva

“The “chair” is missing a leg…if we lived in peace and in harmony with Nature, the leg would still be there and provide true stability and sustainability.” (Dr. Michèle Perrin-Taillat, an advocate of the Cochambaba Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth)


Not only do we wish to help make youth voices heard, but also make them more aware of the need for credible journalism and content, particularly social media, as well as to improve their writing skills.


A group of young writers contributed this piece on their recent march supporting the Declaration for the Rights of Nature at the 10th Objectiv Science International (OSI) Geneva Forum 2018

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On 10th December 2018, an assembly of young people from Switzerland, France, Thailand, Brazil, China and other parts of the world conducted the first march for a Declaration of Rights of Nature in honour of the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration. This was part of a global signature campaign asking the United Nations to adopt a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth to complement the Human Rights Declaration.

The initiative would acknowledge Nature as a living system, deserving inherent rights and protection just like humans. In western law, Nature is treated as a commodity and has no standing in court. This oversight in the law is at the core of the depletion and destruction endured by Nature.

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