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Toolkit for helping to collect 1 million signatures asking the UN to adopt the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth.

Our goal for 2019 is to deliver the signatures to the UN. Thank you for offering to help us collect signatures. Here are different tools for you to use:

The online petition site:

Like us on fb:


The “She is alive” video with the petition at the end:


Paper petitions in different languages to download.

If you would like to gather signatures for our petition to make a valuable contribution towards our target of 1 million, please click and download the appropriate Petition List from the page linked below..

multi-language petition downloads


Mailing address:

Rights of Mother Earth, Artherstr. 112, CH-6317 Oberwil, Switzerland


Or scan the pages and email to:


The Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth can be found here:


A narrated video version of the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth:

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