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News (November 2016)

Our first piece of news is that we are now officially refurbished!

Yes, this is our new home on the Internet and we do hope you like it. We wanted to make visiting our site as rewarding as possible, with articles and videos easily found via clear and engaging menus, and a simpler but bolder layout.

We have created menus that will show the latest items but, if you have an interest in older items that we have published on our site then you will find a large percentage of them are in the archive section. 

You can find out about Rights of Nature, browse through various articles or videos, learn all about who the faces are behind Rights of Mother Earth and a host of useful information.

Italian version of our downloadable petition list is now available here.

We will build upon the foundation of this new web site to provide a reliable source of content. So, whether you are interested in grass roots movements, gathering information for a presentation or a lecture, seeking a hub of valuable and varied resources or just interested in giving your voice to the determined path we tread to seek true Rights of Nature, we hope you will find Rights of Mother Earth exactly what you were looking for.

Please come back soon - we will be adding new content, and even some new sections as the weeks go by and don't forget, if you'd like to talk to us, just go to the contact us page.