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4 african bee


Ben Guarino [Washington Post)

Whatever we do to the environment has a marked, and in many cases, catastrophic effect on the ecological balance of our planet. This video gives a frightening insight into the recent studies showing how insect populations are being decimated.


Insects are vital to the status quo of ecology. Without them, there can be no us. Human interference with the ecological balance of nature through industrialisation, large-scale crop farming techniques and domestic inhabitation is causing unprecedented damage and dangerous realignment of the delicate infrastructure of fauna and flora.

Both long term and irreversible damage is caused via physical and chemical obliteration of natural habitats and subsequent compromise to the food chain. The net result boils down to a simple calculation: Unchecked, current human activity both draining and interfering with resources means the Earth will no longer sustain continued human existence within the foreseeable future.

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