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History of this Global petition for a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth



We started this global petition in 2009, to provide a tool for civil society to be the voice of Mother Earth at the second Earth Summit in Rio. In 2012 we delivered our first account of almost 117’000 signatures to the former UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon at the Earth Summit Rio+20. In 2015, we did the same at the COP21 in Paris in form of a Scroll.


On April 22, 2018, Doris presented the campaign at the Eighth Interactive Dialogue of the General Assembly on Harmony with Nature in New York, urging the UN to officially commit to drafting and adopting a Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth.

Look for dialogue 2018:


Thanks to all of you and particularly thanks to Care2, we had a total of 958,286 signatures in 2018. However, we are sad to announce that we were not able to ratify and therefore include the 700,000 + signatures for Rights of Nature from Colombia. We have now omitted these from our grand total.


What you will see on this website in the future is the amount of signatures on the Care2 petition site. In addition to that we have 147,703 signatures from our own previous petition site and from signatures we had collected on paper petitions.

Committed to achieving our goal, we have created a 2020-2022 plan to collect 1 million signatures, (currently we have 295,460 but increasing every day after our new beginning in 2018) and we aim to have 1 million signatures by 2022 to present to the UN in the context of Stockholm + 50

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