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Rights of Mother Earth changes from 'News' to 'Blog'

The rights of Mother Earth team has decided to move to a more spontaneous delivery of news items by introducing a blog to their website to replace the previous 'news' section. "This will allow us the opportunity to invite collaborators from around the globe to bring us news of their projects, international events and the progress of our petition as we move into this very challenging era, not just for the planet's resources and habitats but for the entire human race itself."

Never has the fragility of the eco system been so keenly highlighted by the forced reduction in human activity via the novel coronavirus and its potentially more dangerous strains. The improvement in air quality and the increased freedom of movement for wild animals were just two powerful examples.

We must now, more than ever, take this opportunity to push governments around the world to adopt new, protective legislation to stop the unsustainable overexploitation of our planet's resources and the wilful destruction of its natural habitats. As we can now witness, it would be a very simple task for mother earth to rid itself of our irritating, wasteful presence. Time to treat it with respect, time to learn from it and time to reconcile what we have done.

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