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Earth Day 2020 Will Launch the Most Diverse Global Environmental Movement in History.


We face two crises: One is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The other is a slowly building disaster for our climate.

Messages from the Amazon Sacred Headwaters - Earth Day 2020

They come from different countries and different nationalities, but this Earth Day, Indigenous leaders from a region known as the Amazon Sacred Headwaters are putting forth a unified message to the world that “caring for the forests of the Amazon is caring for your life and future generations.”

The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement. A powerful documentary produced by Isaac Goeckeritz

From the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme:


As pressures on ecosystems mount and as conventional laws seem increasingly inadequate to address environmental degradation, communities, cities, regions and countries around the world are turning to new legal strategy known as the Rights of Nature

Earth Day Film Premiere release from Wisdom Weavers

In this time of great uncertainty the elders are calling us all back home to our hearts.
We have a chance now to open our hearts and inspire others to open theirs. Are you ready?
We invite YOU to join us on Earth Day, as we share the wisdom of the Elders, who have been listening to Mother Earth, tracking her changes, and urging us to drop into our hearts to hear what we each must do to restore balance on the planet.

On April 22nd Gaia and our global network of allies will celebrate an extra-special 50th Anniversary with 5 ways to nurture life on Earth Day 2020 

Though every day, in every way, is an Earth Day, we’ll be taking this opportunity to show special gratitude for our living planet and for the frontline indigenous and local communities who defend Mother Nature...


Message from the Heart of the World on Earth Day

A message on Earth Day April 2020 from the Mamos from their Sacred House in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

Read their message here


Climate change is real. With every new crisis happening, we realize that we are pushing us and our planet one step closer to disaster. A disaster of unprecedented scale. We are depleting our natural resources, our wildlife, and forests. 2019 witnessed one of the biggest forest fires in Amazon and Australia. We lost hectares of forests and almost a billion wild animals. The situation is critical and calls for our utmost focus.

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